The Future Problem with Fuel

Today the world is still running on fossil fuel. A vast majority of the vehicles that we have are dependent on petroleum. Many of the world’s power plants are still running using coal. This is a problem because, fossil fuel is limited and there will come a time when it would run out. When that happens we would be facing a tremendous problem and all countries would have to face that.

Signs of Depletion

There are signs that the sources of fossil fuel around the world are starting to dry up. Oil wells in places like the Middle East are starting to run dry. As evidence of that, the various governments there are already looking for some alternative sources of income just to be ready once their oil wells really run dry. But the drying up of the world’s oil sources is not going to happen all of a sudden. It would be a gradual process as one by one the places that produce oil would shut down their facilities. The prices of oil would then skyrocket and the places that still have oil wells would then have more power.

The ones that would be held hostage there would be the countries that have little or no oil and have little economic and military power. They would be held hostage by the countries with oil and would be forced to pay whatever price would be demanded for petroleum. If they don’t do so then their industries and their transportation would ground to a halt.

We Have Got to Be Ready

The good news is that the running out of fossil fuel need not become an apocalypse for human civilization. There is a lot that we can do. We can look for alternative sources of energy because there are so many out there. All that it takes is for us to use the technology and utilize it in the same way that we used the internal combustion engine. We can use this as an opportunity to get started once again and use energy sources that are renewable and does not harm the environment.

Not Taking the Necessary Steps

Unfortunately, the governments of the world are not taking the necessary steps that are needed in order to avert the disaster. Instead of spending billions on research and the adaption of alternative energy sources we are still seeing the policymakers gearing towards the positioning their respective countries to gain access to the existing fuel sources.

Countries are entering territorial disputes because of land and of claims that other countries are intruding into their rights over islands and seas that are believed to be rich in petroleum. This is such a short-sighted thinking that would cost everyone a great deal in the future. When the time comes for us to face the reality that there is not enough petrol to go around then all hell might break loose. Countries could go to war in order to get a few million barrels of oil. That would really be an apocalyptic future.

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