The Best Ways to Really Attract Women

How to attract women is always an interesting topic for guys. The truth is that most men are absolutely clueless on how to attract the opposite sex. Even those who talk big and act like they know everything about attracting women sometimes are clueless about it.

If you are struggling when it comes to connecting with girls then you might need some backup. You might have to do some research first on how you can be more attractive. You’re in luck then because we have listed here some tried and tested ways of attracting the opposite sex. You just have to heed some warning though. Trying these ideas will not automatically make you a Casanova, but if you play it right then you might get noticed by some girls.

Be Different and Original

What’s your idea of a first date? A nice dinner maybe on some fancy restaurant or take the girl out to some scenic spot. Those are the safe options, tried and tested. The problem is that safe ideas will not make you stand out and that’s what you want right now. You want to stand out in the mind of girls and that’s not likely to happen if you just do the same thing that thousands of other guys will be doing.

In order to stand out in the eyes of girls, you need to do something unique and different. Why don’t you take your date out to the park and play Frisbee? Maybe you can go to some obscure restaurant that has an amazing back story to it. Think of something different and original and that would make you unique.

Be in Control

Most women expect guys to be in control. Even independent and strong-willed women like guys who can take charge. They don’t want to babysit guys. So if you’re the kind of guy who likes to follow then you need to learn some lessons. It’s about time that you learn how to be in charge. When you ask a girl on a date, make sure that you take care of everything and she just has to sit back and enjoy the whole thing.

Be a Knight in Shining Armour

They say that chivalry is dead, but it’s your duty to prove that wrong. If you want to impress and attract girls then you should learn how to be chivalrous. There are not that many guys who have this quality these days. It’s quite simple really. You just do things that are expected from a guy. You pull out a chair for your date, you let the ladies go first and all the other small stuff. Make that a part of your personality and the girls are sure to notice it.

Play the Mysterious Card

You have probably heard about playing the mysterious card before and the truth is that it really works. A lot of guys make the mistake of laying out their lives on the table. They think that if they show and tell everything right away, they have a better chance of impressing the girls. But it is always better to leave the girls guessing. Make them guess about a few things about you. It’s a guaranteed thing that girls would find you a lot more interesting that way.

Have Other Things in Your Life

Do you want to attract women because you feel that something is lacking in your life and that you feel empty inside? If that’s the case then girls might not find you that attractive. Girls can land guys who need them and who are all empty without them all the time, but a guy who’s happy on his own and is successful and is leading a meaningful life already is something different.

You have to find some interests, things that you enjoy and like and prioritize those. Women would find that irresistible and would want to be part of your life.

Be Unpredictable

You might think that being predictable is a great trait to have. You might think that women would appreciate it when they can tell exactly what you will do next or where you will take them on your date, but you’re wrong. What you fail to realize is that women want excitement and anticipation in a relationship. Think that they would get that when you are so predictable all the time? Instead of doing the things that you are expected to do, try something different. Keep her guessing and you will catch her attention.

Be Direct

You know what else girls find attractive? Guys who are direct. When you find a girl to be attractive you should learn to go up to her and tell her about how you feel directly without trying to tip toe around that fact. Most guys would try to approach women, but they would find some pretext for getting in touch. Try to be more direct and tell them that you find them attractive. There’s a way that you can do that without sounding like a creep and most girls would appreciate it.

The Alpha Body Language

Humans respond to certain cues that are non-verbal. Body language is very important and we respond to that on a subconscious level. Women are attracted to certain postures in men. These are alpha body language. These are the postures that announce that you are ready to lead the pack and that you’re strong and assertive. This includes taking up space and walking with your head held high. You have to show that you know where you are going in life and women would want to go with you.

Be Funny

This one’s a bit hard to follow for some people. It’s either you are funny or not. But the truth is that everyone has a sense of humor. It’s just a matter of finding the right people to appreciate that. You might want to try and let your hair hang loose for a change and start showing your lighter side more often. Women love funny guys and if you can make them laugh it wouldn’t matter if you aren’t the hottest guy around.

Learn to Pull Away

Yes you should be direct when dealing with women and you should be able to tell a girl that you like her, but you should also learn to pull back. Don’t go all out at once. You should leave a girl wondering how attracted you are to her. If you play this right you could end up having the girl wondering about you.

Don’t Pretend

What’s the most common mistake that guys make when dealing with the opposite sex? They try to pretend that they are something that they are not. Some guys like to talk big and say that they are this and that, thinking that girls would like them because of that. While it is true that some girls might find that attractive, the problem is that you’re making things up. In the end, it’s always better to just be real. Girls would appreciate your honesty.

These are just some ideas that you can try in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex. These ideas will not guarantee that you will find someone, but it will increase your chances. The most important thing is that you should always be a nice guy whether you are dealing with women or not.

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Immortal in Love

Can love save you? Should we all seek the meaning of life in the fleeting imagery of ever changing shades of this feling? Here lies a common misunderstanding as to how feelings are different from emotions. We tend to perceive the feelings of love as the most fundamental and fulfilling while there is so much more to life in all its variety.

A sudden encounter with a long forgotten somebody could bring back a string of loosely interconnected images that you believed to have perished long ago, and, then you begin to reminisce all those high school sweethearts and failures in love you had gone through, along with the awkward symbolic gestures you had made and shared, and the whole recount might just precipitate the question on the kind of love that we should all be capable of giving and receiving.

Are You Looking for Love?

Anyone unhappy in love could benefit from asking relevant questions as to what true love is. What is love anyway? How much are you willing to sacrifice to love someone? When you take a look around you would see that so many couples seem genuinely in love, but how long do you believe it will last? When someone is not together with the right match, they could be looking for the significant other, or just take a dive into less than an inspiring relationship. Some believe that only the first three years of love have any tangible meaning in respect to love and most men and women are fully capable of losing their mind over the partner during that period thanks to the oxytocin hormone doing their work. That particular love could be your potentially only and long lasting one, but with the partner changing their mind about you, at a given moment, you see that it does not have to work this way. Then, once bitten and twice shy, you might want to back out, or keep seeking three year long survival spells with other people, never truly connecting and bonding for fear of being recognized as a love thief who encroaches on other people’s good intentions and blind faith, and oftentimes is blind themselves to their own needs.

Do Not Glorify Nor Underestimate the Power of Love

Love is in little gestures, but it is not the gestures that matter, it is the whole inner layer, the love spine, the spirit that should be speaking through you. Although it is a little exaggerated, it rings true when you see how you react to people filled with love. With some, their eyes sparkle and their personality shines through like a magnifying glass that concentrates the sun in one person. That feeling can endure aplenty when life’s trials come into effect as of now and the higher powers are relentless in their implemention. An individual can carry a lot of burden as long as there is at least a ray of hope and plenty of love to look forward to. Many recounts of personal tragedies point to despair and hope alike when there is a family involved, and yet the stories contain enough emotional punch that plainly involve deep love and suffering at the same time. We cry and are moved deeply but then we go back to our own businesses and our stalemate relationships. Is the change of heart a must? Feeling or emoting too much or too little or nothing?

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How to Cope with Your Indifferent Husband

As you take yet another swig and reach for your next cigarette, the image of your less than perceptive and eager to please husband knocks audibly enough to make you want to cover your ears or curl under your bed. The wall between you two has been growing for years, and, admittedly, the foundations of the relationship have become rocky.

Males are typically thought of walling up in their self enclosed and well insulated systems, turning a deaf ear to your constant nagging, which is in turn your helpless way of getting to him, but, also what ultimately turns into a weapon of mass destruction. Nagging and prodding him constantly does not solve anything, but, seen from your perspective, you are only doing what you believe is right. Then again, the basic issues remain unaddressed if you cannot find a joint communicative platform.

How to Make an Indifferent Husband Speak up?

Accrued problems are just like the wild fire that spreads to claim all your areas of life, though you can escape for a few hours into the field of brainwork or into drinking. Instead do an honest assessment of your relationship down to its beginnings. See how things went from there and what stages you have been through.
You may have to understand, which you may have probably by now, that we evolve throughout our lifetime, and that includes mostly our personality as the temperament remains stable to a large extent. Being in a relationship is mostly about meeting the other person’s needs which are quite extensive, but that might not be enough.

Say you know your partner inside out, you know the gestures, life is woven with those daily little efforts on the part of both parties, and sometimes the need for change creeps in unnoticed. Or the other party cannot get their new fancy idea out of their head, which you find utterly repulsive. In those hard moments of clashing truths and visions, you seem not to recognize the person you let daily into your bed. While someone could indeed turn into a barbarian kind, it may mean that their needs are no longer being met in your relationship and you have learnt too late. Or, it may not to be too late, as long as the stony walls of silence would welcome a gentle knock. Even if the trust is broken, a relationship can be mended, however, reconnecting with your less significant other is going to be a challenge.

If you are seeking your answer online, we recommend to join a forum for females with similar experiences who have successfully made up with their partners. But that is only a temporary kind of relief, and the best way for you would be either to read up more on any issues your husband might be having himself. Ask yourself how much you really know him and, with regards to nagging, let go. For now, it would be best to seek immediate help yourself to receive professional support.

Some closing comments and questions.

  • How much effort do you expend on meeting his expectations?
  • What has changed in regards to your needs and expectations?
  • What was it that drew you two together?
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