The Best Daredevil Artists Ever

Daredevil is one of the best characters in comic books. His popularity might not come even close to that of Batman and Spider-Man – the two characters that he resembles the most – but his stories are certainly some of the best when it comes to characterization and depth. That’s probably closer to being an ordinary human being than some of his more popular and powerful counterparts, given that he’s not so gifted or powerful as they are.

Not being too powerful is one of the assets that have made Daredevil one of the very best comic book heroes. It is his humanity that elevates him from most everyone else. A blind hero whose other senses are heightened to super human levels and also possesses great fighting skills – that’s Daredevil. That he constantly goes against nearly impossible odds – ending up bruised and beaten many times – without giving up is what makes him a true hero.

The attributes that make Daredevil a great and compelling character are given emphasis and added to by the many talented writers and artists that have worked on the character through the years. There have been many lists of the greatest artists that have worked on the character and his title, but taking another look is certainly warranted. It is almost assured by the sheer talent of those who have drawn the Man without Fear.

Gene Colan

Gene Colan deserves the top spot among Daredevil artists and no one else. Some might put forth the argument that Frank Miller is also deserving of this spot, but Colan undoubtedly gave a more definitive take on the character. His shades and moody portrayal of Daredevil and his supporting cast are among the highlights of Marvel history. If anyone has a right to be called the greatest Daredevil, then Colan is definitely it.

David Mazzucchelli

Even if only for the strength of his work on “Born Again”, the famous story arc that he produced with Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli would already merit a place on this list. But even before he did that story with Miller, he was already doing great work with other writers on the Daredevil title, like Denny O’Neil. There’s no denying though, that for his greatness as a daredevil artist, his reputation mainly rests on Born Again.

Frank Miller

Frank Miller is the definitive creator of Daredevil. Even though he was not the original creator of the character, he was responsible for the greatest stories that starred him. He started as an artist who was paired with Roger McKenzie, but not long after he was given the reins as both writer and artist. Thus began his definitive run that featured a long and successful collaboration with inker Klaus Janson.

John Romita

Some might say that his son should be the one featured on this list, and they wouldn’t be too far off in saying that. However, just before he began his legendary stint on The Amazing Spider-Man, John Romita had a short but significant run on Daredevil, lending his clean and ideal style to that book.

Wally Wood

One of the greatest comic book artists of all time, Wally Wood’s resume is quite considerable even if his contribution to the Man without Fear is not included. However, he did the famous redesign on old hornhead’s costume that saw him don a new devilishly all-red costume over his original yellow and black one.

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Greatest Spider-Man Artists Ever

Spider-Man is one of the greatest fictional characters ever created. He is not only one of the very best created in comic books, but probably in all of fiction as well. Among the best and most famous super-heroes, he is perhaps the most relatable. He may have super powers, but his problems that he constantly faces are just like those that most of us do on a regular basis.

The fact that Spider-Man is just like us and constantly worries about simple everyday things has made him one of the most wildly popular comic book heroes. And he definitely enjoys massive commercial success. From the comic books, he has made the successful leap to blockbuster movies, animation, books, toys, and many more are testaments to this.

With the kind of character background that Spider-Man/Peter Parker has, anyone would have guessed that he would star in many great stories. And anyone who would have guessed would have been absolutely right about that. There have been numerous stories that starred Spider-Man. Of course, there were many artists and writers who have made those stories possible. It would be interesting to look at some of the very best artists who have made their mark on the Spider-Man mythos and have contributed to make him such a great and compelling character. The following are some of those artists.

Steve Ditko

Steve Ditko is the co-creator of Spiuder-Man, and in many people’s eyes he was the true creative force behind the character and that his contributions are significantly more than what’s usually given credit for. His quirky, offbeat style perfectly matched the look of Spider-Man and his world.

John Romita

Steve Ditko may have created Spider-Man, but it was John Romita who was mainly responsible for making him as popular as he eventually became. Romita’s artistic style was in direct contrast to Ditko’s, a clean and crisp style that was more popular to fans. During John Romita’s watch, Spider-Man’s popularity soared until he became Marvel’s best-selling character.

Mark Bagley

Mark Bagley has made a considerable impact on Spider-Man and his world. Before he made his mark for his work on Ultimate Spider-Man, he has already been able to provide some spectacular runs on Amazing Spider-Man during the 90’s. But he will probably be best remembered for teaming up with Brian Michael Bendis on Marvel’s flagship title.

John Romita, Jr.

More than just being his equally famous father’s namesake, John Romita, Jr. has made a name for himself with his work on many of Marvel Comics’ most famous characters. His best known Spider-Man work may have been his run with writer Roger Stern in the 80’s, where the two of them produced some great Spidey stories like the ones where Spider-man fought the Juggernaut as well as the Hobgoblin saga.

Gil Kane

Gil Kane is one of those legendary comic book artists who are great at drawing just about any kind of genre. Although he also did great work on Spider-Man, his contributions are somewhat diminished because his work followed Romita’s. He also worked extensively with Romita for many covers and interiors during his run on Amazing Spider-Man.

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