Animal Facts We Need to Know

Dogs and cats are cherished as pets by a lot of people all over the world. In fact, some people treat them as a part of the family. Despite the common things we know about them, there’s just some animal facts that we still don’t know. You’ll be amazed upon finding out about these amazing facts. If you’re someone who loves raising animals whether outdoors or inside the house, you’ll be glad you’ve found these facts.

God’s animal creature has been one of the most amazing and wonderful creation. A lot of us are amazed when we see the latest gadgets doing crazy things. We no longer notice some of the best creations that won’t be easily outdated. Whether you’re a child or a kid-at-heart, these fun facts below will catch your interest. Here are some of the coolest facts about various animals.


Dogs were used as hunting aids in the past because of their keen sense of smell and hearing. Today, they are still in service because of these strong senses. In fact, a canine can hear anything at four times the distance from the dog. Dogs are used as a guide to the blind, helpmate to the disabled, and smile-magnet for cancer patients. The number of dog breeds all over the world is more than a hundred. Dogs live an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. They are considered as “man’s best friend”. This is so because they have the best socialization skills among other animals.


The small relatives of the big cats of the safari (lions, tigers, and other felines) are considered as one of the most popular pets in the whole world. Just like their bigger relatives, cats are effect hunters. They usually ambush their prey or sneak behind to surprise their victims. All cats are good at night hunting due to their powerful night vision. Because of this, some cats are considered as pests and threats, especially for people who have livestock. Cats also have a keen sense of hearing and smelling.


Rabbits are popular pets among children and couples. Most people find them as cute and lovable. In Australia, they’ve been considered in the past as pests because of their great number. A female rabbit is called a doe while a male is a buck. Just like with dogs, they live in packs or groups. Rabbits are herbivores which mean that their diet consists mainly of herbs and grass. They have long ears which usually measures around 10cm (4inches) when full grown. Although they aren’t rodents, baby rabbits are born with their eyes closed and without fur. The gestation (pregnancy) period for a doe or female rabbit is around 28 to 31 days. This is the reason why they become quite a pest when breed intensively.


Have you ever wondered why a lion is called the king of the jungle? Lions are branded as kings because of their ferocious instincts, brute strength, and courage. They are majestic animals that can weigh around 180 kg (400 lb)when it comes to males while females weigh 130 kg (290 lb). Unlike with the other big cats, they have good social skills. Lions live in groups known as pride which has one adult male. The cubs are banished from the pride when they have reached adolescence. Male lions will try to take over a pride when they are old enough. The female lion or lioness does the hunting for their group. A male lion takes the first bite from the hunt. The average lifespan of most lions is around 12 years, especially when living in good condition.


Elephants are considered as the largest land-dwelling mammals today. They were hunted in the past for their tusks which were sold as ivory. The trunk can grow as long as 2 meters. An adult’s trunk can weigh up to 140 kg when in full length. If you think that elephants can’t swim or cross a deep river because of their weight, then you’re wrong. Elephants can actually swim. In fact, they use their trunks as snorkels in case they have to cross deep waters. They don’t have any predators in the wild, especially when healthy because of their size. However, the young or weak elephants may sometimes become preys to roaming lions. Elephants aren’t the aggressive type of animals you can find in the safari. However, they can also be temperamental at times, especially when startled.


Bats are nocturnal creatures that thrive during the night. They sleep in caves or dark places during the day. Bats aren’t birds. They are flying mammals that actually have milk to feed their young. In fact, they are the only mammals that can fly. You can find 1,000 different species of bats all over the world. Some bats grow almost as large as a human teenager. Bats normally feed on insects which make them good predators for farm pests. However, they carry rabies which is dangerous to humans when bitten by these creatures. Unlike with other mammals, they can live for a longer period of time. Bats can live up to 20 years if they don’t have natural predators such as snakes in their areas. Some of the species are solitary creatures while most of them live in groups. They can be pests if their number rises up without any natural competition.


If ever you’ve been bitten by a crocodile, you can escape death by pushing your thumb on its eyeball. The grip will automatically be loosened up by the crocodile. Just like with lizards, crocodiles are also reptiles. If you’re looking for the animal with the strongest bite in the whole world, then crocodiles are your winners. Although considered to have the strongest bite, their jaws aren’t that strong and powerful though. In fact, there are some competitions around the world where they feature strong men lock the jaws of a crocodile with their bare hands. They can survive a long period even without eating. Crocodiles feed mainly on meat as they are carnivores. You can’t find a single sweat gland on a crocodile as they don’t have one. They release heat through their mouth instead. This is the reason why they open their mouth during the hottest times of the day.


Always considered as having the closest physique to man, monkeys actually have tails while we don’t. They live in groups called “tribe”, “mission”, or “troops”. Their diet usually consists of fruits but they sometimes feast on insects, flowers, and reptiles. Apes aren’t considered as monkeys. Although they may look clumsy, they actually have powerful hands and feet. A total of 264 species of monkeys are on record today. Scientists are still looking for other species as they believe there are more of them in the wild. The world’s smallest monkey is the pygmy marmoset while the largest are the mandrills of the Congo. Some monkeys don’t have tails but most of them have one.

Animal facts are interesting and informative. Most people would love to spend their time reading informative contents. Aside from learning new things about your favorite creatures, you also get entertained by the facts. If you want to gather cool information, then read some facts about animals!

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